TOP 10 Best FREE YouTube To WAV Converter Online 2022

TOP 10 Best FREE YouTube To WAV Converter Online 2022

YouTube doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most popular search site standing tall behind Google. Over 50% of people utilize the platform for streaming their favorite tech guide, tutorials, music videos, and more. While the remaining ones like to download videos over the devices offline. 

But YouTube never allows users to download the videos. However, there are many YouTube video downloaders to pick the finest one to get offline access to videos. Where few programs convert your videos to the audio formats that lessen the storage space to WAV file format than the video file. Before going deep into the article let’s look more into WAV file format and Youtube to WAV converter. 

What is a WAV File Format?

WAV or Waveform Audio File Format is formulated by Microsoft and IBM for storing the audio file as audio data, bit rate,  sample rate, etc. That results in a huge file size and takes up a lot of space. It’s Microsoft’s common sound file format, made for Windows. And a WAV format records many details regarding stereo and mono sound that ensures the sound isn’t distorted.

What is a YouTube to WAV converter? 

Being a  popular video-sharing platform many people use YouTube for making money, gaining likes, and influencing. Once in a while, we all might feel like getting our favorite song off of YouTube and storing it on the device? But Youtube doesn’t allow it. Still, it is possible. Yes, you can do it but you need the help of a “YouTube to WAV converter”. 

A YouTube to WAV online converter is a software that one can discover over the web that allows users to convert their YouTube videos into the WAV format across a wide array of devices like mobile, PCs, tablets, and laptops. That too without the need for software that saves people more time. 

There are a few effective ways to download YouTube videos to WAV format and Youtube to WAV online converter is an excellent option. Hereafter reviewing a few video converters we listed the top 10 YouTube to WAV converters in this article. Let’s dive into the article to know about them. 

1. By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is a popular  YouTube to Wav converter and backup tool which enables users to backup videos through Facebook, Vimeo, daily motion,  YouTube, and more than 40 sites in MP4, MP3, AVI, and in more formats. One can also download whole YouTube Channels and Playlists. You can even download your favorite video videos in 4k and HD quality. This tool even supports downloading private videos via YouTube. Being a simple video downloader, it features a one-click download mode to download videos easily. It even offers customized recommendations.

Main Features:

  • This tool supports users to download the videos in 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8K.
  • You could also  download channels and playlists
  • One can download whole Instagram pages with a few clicks with By Click Downloader.
  • These tools access the downloading of several videos at the same time.
  • It enables you to track the video downloading process.

2. VideoProc


VideoProc offers an all-rounder solution for downloading, editing and converting any video audio. This tool is only GPU accelerated video editing and converting software. By using the level-3 GPU acceleration, you can get 47x real-time speed to convert the videos with good output quality. You can even download YouTube channels, playlists, or videos in batch or single. It can convert to FLV, MKV, MP4, M4A, WAV, and more. Whatever your target video in HD/SD or 8K chooses VideoProc to download.

Main Features:

  • It supports every well-known codecs, format, that’s 100% quick and clean
  • Convert your videos to over 420 formats and can extract audio from the video.
  • Download the videos from over 1000 online sites such as  YouTube.
  • It supports batch conversion.
  • This tool offers a search facility for searching the paired subtitles texts for movies.
  • Record and edit the YouTube live videos


Loader. to is another high-speed conversion and video. downloader tool that offers great security and supports several devices.  If you are bored of converting YouTube videos to the WAV at slow speed, then Loader. to is the best pick for you. This tool provides good YouTube video conversion with a simple to use web-based platform. With loader, you don’t need to think about stocking your device’s hard disk space with an app or software as loader brings an easy online conversion with just one click.

Main Features:

  • A 100% free video converter
  • Just copy and paste your YouTube video’s URL for a great conversion
  • It is free
  • Supports Safari, OS, Google Chrome, and Firefox and is also compatible with OS
  • Secure and quick download and conversion 

4. FLVto

FLVto is another excellent online video converter to simply find the YouTube videos to convert. You could also convert the Youtube video to mp3 format in a few steps and can save the video to access offline again. With FLVto you can also convert your favorite Youtube videos to mp3 & mp4 along with WAV format. 

Rather than other Youtube converters, FLVTO isn’t just limited to converting  Youtube videos, you could convert music from many streaming platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and more. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS, Linux. FLVTo works best on every major platform that even provides software for offline video conversion. 

Main Features:

  • FLVTO is a free-to-use converter that makes YouTube converting streaming videos online quicker and simpler than before.
  • Downloads and converts videos from over 1000 sites, that includes Vevo, Instagram,  Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Dailymotion.
  • It allows you to convert and download videos in HD video and sound quality and your favorite videos are accessible in UHD or HD quality.
  •  FLVTO is compatible with Safari, Opera, Bing, Mozilla Firefox,  Google Chrome, no matter what the browser type, you can convert music easily.
  • Not just WAV,  you can download your YouTube videos in many formats such as AVI HD, AVI, MP4, Mp3, etc.

5. is a leading alternative to many online media conversion applications on the list. It enables you to download, convert and record video or audio URLs to normal formats. It’s now supporting video sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo,  Facebook, Yahoo, and more. It is a quick and free converter that allows people to watch their desired videos offline on their devices. Being a free online conversion tool, you can download your video without any cost and in different formats such as AAC,  MP3, OCG,  WAV, AVI, MP4,  3GP, etc. But this too lacked advanced support of video editing characteristics.

Main Features:

  • A valuable and free YouTube to WAV converter.
  • It supports several video-sharing platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and many others.
  • Send an Email about the converted files.
  • Easily copy & paste the link to convert.

6. iTubeGo


iTubeGo is an audio and video downloader that features excellent conversion tools. It offers an audio converter to convert media to many formats that involve WAV from where you could also extract audio from the video.

It is also a video conversion service that supports over 40 formats like MOV,  MP4. You can easily convert music and videos to numerous formats and are even compatible with Android, iPhone, etc. From iTubeGo you can download video or audio from over 10000 websites. It supports  downloading of both channels and playlists downloading and can  convert your videos to several formats

Main Features:

  • You can always download the playlists before.
  • You get the feature to download subtitles through  YouTube in the form of SRT.
  • It supports downloading your video in 8k and 4K videos.
  • You can download your video with a 10X faster video download speed.
  • It supports downloading several videos in bulk.
  • You can  cut YouTube music and videos

7. is the ultimate  YouTube converter accessible in the market. It allows users to convert the videos from several online video platforms to many audio formats. The best thing about this app is that it’s free so there is no need to spend any dimes. You can convert and download videos on many social media sites to more than 400 audio formats.

This software allows users to convert videos to outstanding audio formats that include M4A, AVI, MP3,  WEBM, and WAV formats. Users could install a desktop version of this software on their Mac and PC devices.

Main Features:

  • Supports several video sharing platforms that include Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube, Reddit, Soundcloud, Instagram, Vimeo platforms.
  • You can convert your video to more than 420 audio formats.
  • By using this conversion tool you can edit your video like a experts
  • Supports more than 9 languages that involve Spanish, German,  French,  Arabic, etc.

8. Coconvert

Coconvert is a great tool that provides quick ways for downloading YouTube videos and entire playlist videos for free. With terrific video quality, you can see the video with the easiest and convenient YouTube video downloader that you ever used. 

From Coconvert you can download and convert your YouTube videos to 8k or 4K resolutions or up to 1440p. convert accesses you by downloading 100 YouTube videos with a single click.  They are grouped as the Playlist, so one can convert the YouTube playlist into mp3 format in a similar process.

Main Features:

  • Just copy & paste the playlist URL in the given URL box, and pick the videos you like to download even if they’re in batch. 
  • Better user interface and website design 
  • Coconvert is quite compatible with many devices that include Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and many more
  • The support of  Coconvert is outstanding and helpful.
  • This online video converter is 100% free 

9. Ontiva


Ontiva is a modern and innovative free converter that downloads and converts YouTube videos to WAV formats. Rather than just WAV formats, you can convert your video to more common formats of your choice like 3GP, FLV,  AVI, and much more with high quality. Ontiva is even a secure and safe converter of YouTube videos. It never discloses the personal information of the user. You can listen to the music offline and authorize indefinite transformations. 

Main Features:

  • You can share converted files easily with mp3 players or music players.
  • Save huge files to the hard disk.
  • You can utilize this YT to WAV conversion software to end your recording process without any malware
  • These tools access downloading videos in bulk

10. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter Freeware

Any Video Converter is a multifunctional tool that accesses you to download the video via any website or Internet in a few steps. And then it converts the video to a WAV format or your desired format.  Just choose the preferred format, and click convert, that’s it.

It’s a tool that offers a whole lot of video inputs to convert YouTube to WAV and other videos from devices that involve iPad,  iPhone, Apple TV, and more. It downloads music and videos in a step. Every feature is accessible in the main interface so you can convert and import your videos like an expert.

Main Features:

  • Any Video Converter tool accesses users to extract audio through  CD.
  • This YouTube WAV downloader supports over 100 sites.
  • You can edit the videos with good effects.
  •  Easily cut the video with the WAV converter and can download the video clips through YouTube.


What are the main benefits of YouTube to WAV Converters?

  • You could convert your favorite video into a high-quality WAV file format.
  • Save your YouTube video simply.
  • It allows users to convert video files into a batch.
  • Download your favorite video with a video link.
  • Most of the websites have a user-friendly interface from which you can download without losing any quality.

Is it safe to utilize YouTube to WAV converters?

Using online converters looked like the worst thing before and a bad thing for the device. But these days most websites are tested regularly by experts to keep the security standards high and keep those cyber threats away from you.  So, make sure to choose the best website for downloading your video then download your YouTube videos without difficulty. It’s safe to utilize online free Youtube to WAV converter tools.

What is a good audio format, is it Wav or MP3?

For many users, the better audio format to download  YouTube movies is MP3. MP3 is the common audio medium and MP3 format is downloadable. MP3 is the compressed file format that needs less space compared to the Wav file format. But we might not listen or work at any frequency with a compressed format.  So, If you like the quality sound, then you can choose the Wav file format. WAV format is good for seamless loops compared to MP3 format. They aren’t any silent gaps at the end or beginning of the Wav audio format

What do we need to Look at in a YouTube To WAV Converter?

  • Find if the online converter tools or app supports task conversion to the audio formats.
  • See if the conversion app offers a free or paid version.
  • Know if the app suits budget requirements.
  • Can the website extract music or speech from your video files that are uploaded over YouTube?

How can I convert YouTube to the WAV Audio Format?

For converting the YouTube video to WAV audio file. Firstly,  you need to copy the YouTube video link then paste the video link on the online YouTube to WAV converter. And click on the Convert. Whatever website you use you could pick the quality and audio format. A Few software accesses you downloading a certain part of your favorite video.


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