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Anyone who loves streaming TV or movies should definitely listen to or use Vimeo at least once, right? Only if you just developed this special love for the streaming videos might not hear about it, but believe if you want unlimited access to the videos you need Vimeo.

Vimeo is a leading vid video-sharing platform that launched in 2004. In 2021, the Ty count of users reached more than 80 million. Video creators post and share their work. Users could watch TV shows, movies, videos but at the cost of ads and buffering. What do we say that you can watch your favorite video without any distraction and at free of cost.

How To Download Vimeo Videos?

Fabnor brings you a Vimeo video downloader that's an extraordinary tool enriched with trendy technology to make downloading simple. It is quick and reliable, secure as an all-in-one video downloader tool for you.

With Fabnor Video video downloader tools one can save their favorite videos in high quality, HD, and watch them on the go or on offline without any stable internet connection. Save these videos on your Android, iPhone, and PC too. Here is the step to follow for downloading Vimeo videos.

Step1: Get the video URL
Visit in the Browser if you are using a PC or windows. In case you are using a mobile, you can use chrome or just use the Vimeo app. Explore the channels to find the video you like to download.

Step 2: Copy the video link
After finding the Vimeo video you like to download, right-click the mouse and select copy to copy the video link. If you are using the Vimeo app click the share button > select the link box.

Step 3: Visit the Vimeo downloader tool
Now, visit the Fabnor Vimeo video downloader tool. On its main page, you can find the text field that says" enter URL". And that space is the destination to paste your video link to download your video.

Step 4: Choose the preferred video format
If you did everything perfectly, you might find a little menu that displays the video format, size, quality, and size of the video. Here you can do simple video settings like the quality of download and file format. We recommend downloading the video in MP4 format. Another accessible formats are JPG. We Support video resolution from 480p to 1080p.

Step 5: Click download
After selecting the preferred format from the section in your video player select the download icon to start downloading Vimeo video in your preferred settings.

Step 6: Enjoy offline streaming
Once it's downloaded you can find the video in your gallery of the device in the download section. Keep watching.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Fabnor Vimeo Downloader accesses you to download your favorite Vimeo videos and lets you save them on the computer. You could include the browser extension for downloading your video from the Vimeo page or can also copy and paste the video link in the Fabnor Vimeo video downloader website.

Not at all.  Fabnor is the most trusted and safe video downloader platform that never tracks the link you paste on the text field. We admire the trust you keep in us that makes us matter more to the user’s privacy.  Our goal is to offer Vimeo video downloaders for free.

  • Copy your video’s link through the browser’s address bar.
  • Then paste it on the field on the fabnor website
  • Pick the desired formats and quality;
  • Now select the ‘Download’ button;
  • And tada, your video file is already on your Mac.

At Fabnor we recommend saving Vimeo video in the mp4 format. MP4 is the popular one worldwide that integrates high compression and quality and for best output in the less size file. You don’t need any licensed codes which you need to pay for.

Yes, Fabnor  Vimeo downloader is free for everyone that can be enjoyed  without any limitation

Absolutely. That option made our Vimeo video download more Popular. The videos which you download could be shared on more devices and also with your people easily without any hassle.