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Twitch is on a titanic rise in the gaming world. Being a most used video gaming platform and the third-largest live streaming service in the world, it's hard to find a gamer who has never watched Twitch at least once.

Rather than a live streaming service, Twitch is even well-known for hosting videos and people can stream anytime. Simply put, Twitch can be a good competitor to YouTube. People post and stream videos and viewers watch live streams freely, interacting and following people. Everything looks fine, but the one feature that Twitch needs is the ability for downloading videos or streams. Don't worry, Twitchers Fabnor Twitch video downloader is here to fill that gap. Now, get ready to download Twitch video and streams at no cost.

How to Download Your Twitch Videos?

Do you know that Twitch enables you to download your videos of recent broadcasts? If you are a streamer who is likely to upload the video to more services, such as YouTube, or who just like to save the video to clip out a few bits from the stream, you can benefit from it.

Remember that if you are a basic Twitch account, then you get just 14 days from the duration of the broadcast for downloading your video. In case you are a Twitch Partner or an Affiliate then, you get 60 days to download video from the duration of the broadcast.

● Go to Twitch, and click Settings. Then choose "Channel and Video" and slide on the Store past broadcasts toggle.
● Now, videos can automatically be saved to the account after broadcasting is finished.
● Click on the account icon and go to Video Producer. Then click the three dots beside the video name now choose Download.
● In this way, users can download the video easily

We can follow this process to download videos from our Video Producer panel. Nevertheless, if you are trying to download a video from another's channel, this procedure can't help. The antidote for this is using a Fabnor Twitch video downloader.

Downloading Twitch videos from Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader

Fabnor Twitch video downloader turned out to be a helpful one among the web with its ease of use, simple interface, safe and free. It supports Android, Windows, macOS, Linux. Here are the steps to follow to successfully download a Twitch video using Fabnor

Step 1: Choose the video
Go to the twitch platform. Type the channel of the gamer in the Search bar and find the video you like for downloading. Now click the Video link for starting browsing from the collection.

Step 2: Copy the video
Click on the video you like to download. Select the option of Copy link address.

Step 3: Visit Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader
After copying the video address, visit Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader. You can find the text field where you need to paste the link of the video you like to download.

Step 4: Paste the link
Now after lasting the link, click on the Download button. A popup appears that asks you to choose the format, size, and quality of the video.

Step 5: Select the quality and format
After selecting the preferred format and quality click the download icon.

Step 6: Click Download Now the video is downloaded and can be watched from your downloads or gallery.

That’s it! You now have access to the Twitch stream. Watch it anytime even without any internet connection.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

  • Visit Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader.
  • Copy the video link from the Twitch stream that you like to download.
  • Now paste the video link in the text field of Fabnor.
  • Now select the video quality and format
  • Click the Download icon to begin downloading.

Yes,  Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader is very safe and doesn’t even know what you are downloading. Being a straightforward downloader to download any Twitch videos or streams, Fabnor works reliably and fast.

  • Go to Twitch video and copy the link of the video you like to download.
  • Visit Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader and paste the link to the text field.
  • Now select the video size and quality.
  • Click the download to download.

If you are a Mac user looking to download the Twitch video or stream, then you are in luck as  Fabnor Twitch Video Downloader supports Mac versions along with windows, android, iPhone, and more.

Know your Twitch account on YouTube. Then go to  VOD in the Video Producer and select three buttons and click Export > pick the YouTube option. If you are the new streamer, then you can’t connect these two platforms. So you can only upload videos on youtube after you download from Twitch. Remember that you can’t re-upload VODs from more streamers without the streamer’s permission.

On Twitch VoDs are deleted within 14-60 days after they originally aired. You might need to download a Twitch stream if you are unable to watch it live or like to clip a few moments. So, people like to download Twitch videos.