Top 10 Reasons to Visit Prague

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Prague is one of the most beautiful places in Europe which also has a great history. There are hundreds of reasons to visit Prague. Let me present the top 10 reasons to visit Prague.

To Enjoy Sunrise

Charles bridge is absolutely packed with people in the morning and evening to experience this sunrise which is such a treat and unique experience to have in a lifetime. Where the sunlight moves behind church tower silhouettes which seem like status lighting up. It even can be great to spend some time crying, laugh and clicking pictures.

To Eat Tasty Food

As a big foodie eating Trdelnik should the main reason to visit Prague. Trdelnik is the popular Czech cinnamon pastry which is found across Prague. This Trdelnik looks like a normal dough roll which is eaten without anything in the middle or you can fill it with ice cream or chocolate too.

To Write On John Lennon Wall

We always love to write or draw on the wall. Prague’s John Lennon wall allows you to do that. After John Lennon died this wall became to spot to focus for the youth of Prague who is not allowed to listen to western music. Before people used to write complaints during the communist regime. Knight of Malta owns this property where many tourists and people keep painting pictures of John and add some positive messages.

To Roam Around Rivers

Picturesque river Vltava which is spanned by more than 30 bridges in Prague where their banks are decorated with gorgeous pastel Building Facades. Roaming beside this river on a sunny day is amazing where you pass fantastic buildings, parks, canoes and paddleboats, boats.

To View Architecture

Most of Prague’s historic buildings were not destroyed they still remain now. This city is breath taker with both Renaissance and gothic architecture which can hard to find around Europe.

To Save Money

Coming to money Europe is known as the most expensive tourist place where Prague is known for its cheaper City in Europe. Just €20 will give you access to unlimited monthly transport. Even eating at a good restaurant can cost you around €30. You can freely enjoy their cultural holidays at free and museums are also charged you under €10.

To Attend Festival

Naplavaka comes around summer along with living music, festivals, live events and floating beer gardens. You can attend their food or microbrewery festival too. No need to explain about Christmas markets in winter.

To Sip Beer

Czechs know to take more beer than other countries in the world. Their beers also look differently with foam and considered to be light. Beer gardens are such a great summer culture in Prague where you can bring your dogs, children and can welcome your friends or family to watch sports.

To See 600 Old Clock

Their astronomical clock which is created in 1410 which has 600 years of history is still working which is located in the old town square. It even shows the astronomical position of both moon and sun along with time and months.

To Listen Music

Prague can satisfy both rock and pop listeners along with classical music listeners too. You can get that music at municipal houses and Rudolfinum and also at popular renowned music clubs of Prague.

Have you ever visited Prague? If yes would like to share your reason for visiting Prague. If the answer is no book your Prague package now.

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