Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Europe for Couple

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Europe is definitely recognized as the best romantic places around the world. Europe has great old architecture to modern cosmopolitan cities along with pleasant scenery and offers great romance to enjoy with your partner. So if you are thinking to visit Europe here are the top 10 best places in Europe for couples which you can fall in love with easily

1. Santorini – Greece

Greece is always a top spot for couples with all the islands, beaches and the greenery you will fall deeply in love with the city and even your partner too. It is definitely a great site to watch and to marry too. If anyone is planning a destination wedding Greece should be your first place to think. Their white cubiform houses define the landscapes of two best towns which are Oia and Fira where their cliffs and crystal clear blue sea make your heart pleasant.

Did you know that Atlantis which is a mythical city is still hidden in the waters? Yes, so if you and your partner are going to swim, don’t forget to search for it. By the way, their rugged coastline is nothing but a Minoan volcano eruption over 3600 years ago.

2. Venice, Italy

Favourite spot for love seekers and the perfect place for couples. Well, I would recommend visiting Venice in February which is a great way to view the autumn season, the popular Carnevale and including free from the crowd. Roam around those little canals, narrow streets by hand in hand with your soul mate. Don’t forget to get a kiss under the bridge of sighs and make this trip a legendary one by visiting a gondola ride. Venice sunset is unspeakable you should see it.

3. Castle Wernberg – Germany

Regardless of year and time, Castle Wernberg is an absolute pick for people who are deeply in mad love. You can experience pure royalism by sleeping and eating in a real castle which is a complete moat. You will feel pampered right from the moment you reached the courtyard and bridge. There is a spa, two restaurants, a stone-walled bedroom. If you are lucky then you can even have a cooking lesson with a Michelin star chef for a four-course dinner.

4. Montreux – Switzerland

Switzerland is always crowded with couples where its romantic cities and towns and even streets have special magic. Montreux is a cute town that is situated at shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Even it’s food is good to taste. The special attraction in Switzerland is said to be the promenade which is widely popular and beautifully decorated with flowers in a variety of sizes and colours. Roaming along the promenade at sunset or a day is the most romantic thing you can do.

5. Ljubljana – Slovenia

This place is the capital for Slovenia which is very charming and packed with many iconic bridges and historical buildings and then the Ljubljanica river which divides old and new part of the city and it’s Riverside lined with bakeries, pastries, light music which is a great place to walk and talk.  Historical buildings, market places, monuments are a treat to view where Ljubljana castle is an interesting place. 

6. Cagliari – Italy

Cagliari is a popular city that is situated on the gorgeous Mediterranean sea and on hills. It is beautifully filled with sunrise and sunset views. Poetto beach is another fantastic place for couples in any season. There are tons of cafes, restaurants and wines. Hold wine along with a delicious meal with great music on a background of cozy lights. Ristorante Lo Scoglio provides seafood and with a fantastic terrace looking.

7. Paris – France

No list about European cities will end without this special spice which is Paris. Paris is always a lover’s place which is known to everyone even the one who doesn’t know about Europe. Paris is a charming, quaint and private place for romance which is unbeatable by far. Eiffel tower and a fresh kiss is a deadly combination in Paris. What do you say?

8. Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is always packed with loads of romantic activities to do. Scroll around those Barcelona streets and make sure to visit Park Guell which is an amazing architecture garden which is specially designed by Antoni Gaudi who is a Catalan architect. Save some space in your belly for tapas and sangrias at Mirablau. Flamenco shows at the Tablao cordobas to display the different cultures of art in Spain.

9. Edinburgh – Scotland

Grand old town medieval towers to a sleek new town can become a feast for couples. It earned a great position as popular romantic places where its charm, history, rich culture along with traditions made it popular. Those beautiful landscapes like Holyroodhouse palace will dive you into a marvellous experience.

10. Cornwall – England

Kind Arthur is a heroic and romantic figure in the history of Europe who is also the lord of Britons. But no one can really say if he is real or about his living and legacy linked with wind-swept cornwall and this haunted land has beautiful villages and seascapes. Take those romantic walks in beaches, fireside dinners and roam around the countryside. It even offers water activities like surfing. Come and explore Cornwall with your partner.

 What’s your pick then?

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