Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

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honeymoon destination

After experiencing madness in weddings couples definitely need to take time and dive deep into the relaxation mode but planning for a honeymoon can be more stressful. But don’t pick the wrong destination in a stressful mood. Here in the article, we provide the best 10 honeymoon destinations to visit which can be affordable too. Have a look at it.

Las Vegas

Movies made Las Vegas popular for drinking, gambling and the drunken-marriages. But I think las vegas is a great spot for newlyweds too. Even if you are not good with gambling its fine because Las Vegas is not only about bars it is filled with nightlife, best dining, gardens, spas and fine art to present. Where the Bellagio hotel is the best place to visit in Las Vegas which is a great place for couples. The city’s romantic side is undeniable at a reasonable price and a perfect place of being pampered.

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante

This is actually the honeymoon destination for Jackie and John Kennedy well it’s still a popular kid for new couples who are ready to start a new life together. Where their weather is increasing in the 80s the whole year and warm water is best for snorkelling and swimming.

Well, don’t worry about those prices because Acapulco offers great prices everything is affordable which offers you the best honeymoon experience. Camino Real provides best-designed rooms and with private Pichilingue Beach and with different activities and best dining options. This hotel is the best place to appreciate the natural beauty in the morning and clubs at night.

Caneel Bay Resort

This is situated in 5000 acres at virgin island national park which is in the middle of the 7 beaches and provides great fun-filling activities. This is a great place for every lovebird to visit. Even some of the rooms have patios that open directly into the beach and ocean views too and the resort had stunning lodging options along with a private cottage too. In the morning you can get tan by holding drinks in your hands and relax on beaches, take yoga classes, kayaking, scuba diving where the food is delicious.


Another popular place for couples where this small nation of islands fully impresses ocean lovers. This is the most idyllic option with blue water and white sand and those sunsets are gorgeous which melt your heart. When it comes to resorts, Soneva Fushi is best for luxury movements. As in 2019, Maldives opened more Archipelagos properties. Ocean fresh cuisines and best spas can create your honeymoon more delightful.


Italy is always the best place for Romance where Puglia is more fun year-round with a luxurious and charming lifestyle and with those beautiful beaches. look at Lido Bosco Verde for the best food which looks onto the shaded olive garden. Even locals offer tasty Mediterranean options and pasta and Ostuni offers beaches but can be too packed

Western Norway

If your couples are nature lovers then bring your dream into reality by visiting Western Norway. Visit sunnmore to perform adventurous acts like hike, climb, sail, and revolve the whole safari. Pick a private yacht to ski in which is available by sea. Enjoy the northern light on close sledge by hand. Lofoten summers are compelling where newly weds mostly view midnight sun.


This soften place said as heaven on earth where it is packed with beaches which expand of serene blue ocean and while the city is cozy and tucked in Mascarene islands. It totally awakes people with pristine beaches, hotels, white-sand beaches and balmy weather. Mauritius is a brilliant place to relax and never miss Mauritius sunset.


This is the best place to get out with your partner after the hectic wedding. It’s gorgeous weather and environment holds you and cycles together those greenery villages on the road. Bali has a spice of culture, adventurer and topped with spirituality and most importantly their beaches are fully for you. Take out your partner to Mount Batur for a delicious breakfast.


Greece is the best vantage point of Mediterranean which is filled with skies, azure seas. Delphi and Athens amaze you with your ruins and also the best place to visit. If you are looking for peace then go to Kastelorizo and Cythera. Eat the best Mediterranean cuisines along with viewing the sunset over the Aegean.


This is favourite for every couple. It is definitely a popular city which is not surprising at all. EiffeTowerer and Arc de Triomphe will keep you in awe for sure. Even shopping centres, restaurants, luxury hotels and best nightlife centres will sure offer an unforgettable vacation.

Honeymoon is going to be the first chance to spend some quality time with your partner. I would like to recommend any other destination apart from the list.

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