Top 10 Best Islands in Europe

islands in europe

Are you ready to leave your comforts and cars to hike across Europe wind-whipped skerries, slow-paced isles, sunseekers destinations and remote archipelagos? Europe has many diverse collections of places and amazing islands. Here are the best islands to visit.

Formentera – Spain

Formentera can be the smallest island in Spain’s Balearic islands but it attracts many visitors with long and clean blue waters even though it is uncrowded and filled with pine trees and backed by dunes. Its vibe is totally low key unlike its neighbour Ibiza. This island is picture-perfect with little strolls and coves within these Mediterranean villages which are divided by meals of fresh fish across the water. Check its Geeko hotel and beach club to have private plunge pools and guest rooms which are situated on Playa de Migjorn. Lucky Bar serves Aperol Spritzes and homemade pasta.

Ischia – Italy

This is in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the volcanic island which is just one hour ride from Naples which just feels a world away. This island has a frozen and sleepy quality which just sets it apart from Capri. Ischia offers Michelin dining and even the best thermal spas like Aphrodite Apollon which has many pools that are named fake Greek gods. If you are looking for a unique experience, turn to Cavascura which is a thermal bath accessible through-hike within cliffs that are in use of Roman times.

Paros – Greece

This is located under the heavy of Cyclades islands which attracts loyal visitors with clean blue waters and its footpath connects accommodations and whitewashed villages for any budget. Shores like Fargas beach, Kolymbithres beach, golden beach and Glyfa beach are very popular. Restaurants in Glyfa provide Greek styles like Tzatziki and white wine to enjoy your island experience better.

Lastovo – Croatia

Lastovo sits between the southern end of the Dalmatian coast and the Northern tip of Puglia where 47 islands are gathered like gemstones in the Adriatic. This island has a protected nature park. Unlike Croatia party culture Lastovo is mostly about nature and nature is all about here. Even 70% of the island is fully dipped in forests, strawberry trees and Aleppo pines as you roam you can visit tangle of walking trails from inland villages to the coast. Mihajla is also a place to view.

Corsica – France.

Corsica is known for sunshine and beauty where their best fresh islands have dramatic cliffs that are gorgeously sculpted. So when you visit Corsica visits Calanche de Piana cliffs which are purely made with red granite and those stunning Giggs become more beautiful with lights if sunset. Even roads here are also great for hiking and more adventurous activities.

Mykonos – Greece

Mykonos is very well known as the island from movies and when we think about it, picture-perfect images display in our mind with white houses and blue sea. It does have places to partying and revelry but their history is not much identified which it deserves. Manto Mavrogenous is a female warrior who helped Greek against the Ottoman empire and you can view her statue.

Capri – Italy

You another popular place in Italy and known as a resort area for Romans before. You can see why people love to visit here; the island offers relaxation and rest. You can get tan with all these pristine waters and amazing beaches. Where gardens of Augustus are the most-watched botanical garden that has a terrace to look at the sea. Blue Grotto is a sea rave where you can see the water which caught the sunlight where the whole cave is covered with sunlight.


Thinking to party hard then Ibiza is the best place for you which is filled with fun, fun and fun. This is a stunning island that is one of the beautiful destinations and islands across Europe. When it comes to water is very clear, dramatic landscapes add more beauty to the island which makes it more fantastic.

Sylt – Germany

This is the huge north Frisian island which had a long premier vacation destination for Germany. Sylt is filled with gorgeous landscapes and 25 miles of sandy beaches and the Wadden sea’s beautiful striking tidal flats. This island rose to prominence for wellness. Wellness is still focused on this island life with beautiful resorts to boutique sleeps along with spas. Buhne 16 provides champagne from beach bars.

Prangli – Estonia

It has more than 2000 islands out of its ranging coastline, most of them are the brisk Baltic sea. It is so close to Tallinn where Prangli waters are so cold and Nordic offers comfy cabins and Nordic touch. Soviet-era has over 600 years of history and is a travel goods at Kelnase harbour where you can rent bikes to ride around sandy beaches and villages. If you visit we recommend you stay more than one day to explore this wild island where visit Tallinn tourist throng.

What’s your pick to pack your bags?

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