Top 10 Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe


It’s definitely not easy to forget how beautiful Europe is. Mainly their beach destinations are other top places to visit Europe. Europe is just a few flights away. Their Caribbean Like beaches, charming islands, Pristine waters, fishermen villages, beach sidewalks, hiking and more awaits you in Europe. Here are the best beaches to visit in Europe. Let’s look.

Mallorca – Spain

This beach is the best Mediterranean oasis which is high one of the Balearic islands which is situated off the east coast of Spain which is a hot spot for northern Europeans who like to enjoy their summers here to get fresh beach air and sunshine. If you go beyond the urban sprawl of the mountains, the capital and palm and Mallorca offer the best regions, amazing soft sand beaches and azure water for this beach trip. View of Mallorca is pretty great and old centuries hilltop villages built of golden time which is backed with vineyards and olive gardens.

Ibiza – Spain

This wildest isle in the Mediterranean offers the best 24/7 frenzy to appeal to tourists.  It even has popular dance music clubs. Wake up at its sunrise to enjoy Ibiza’s top activities where Spain’s Balearic island is also one of them which has fun activities like music festivals, scuba diving, beach-going and visibility made it the best beach in Europe.

Mykonos – Greece

This beach is known for mixing centuries of history along with vacation time decadence. Mykonos is a very impressive sunny Greek island that motivates with different beaches and cleans water and scenarios, picture-perfect windmills to experiment sunset and best highlight, Cycladic architecture. You get every experience from beach parties to sunbathing from morning to dawn. There are furthermore beautiful beaches to include Bay, Paradise Beach and Chic Psarou.

Pasjaca Beach – Croatia

This is another beautiful beach in Europe which is situated in the sublime region of Konavle which is just 30 min drive from Dubrovnik and 10 min from Cavtat. Popovici is a great place to shop. Pajama beach is mostly about peace, quiet and nature rather than bars and loud music. Pajama is situated in Konavle which is the most gorgeous part of Croatia.

Siciliy – Italy

Siciliy is another slow-paced and fantastic scenic destination which made it a more beautiful destination in Europe. It doesn’t only have beaches but also long old history over millennia with impressing with Roman and Greek ruins. This mainland is known for cute towns, beaches and Mount Etna which is Europe’s active volcano. There are other charming seaside towns that are on main islands which include Cefalu, Trapani, Taormina and Syracuse.

Ayia Napa – Cyprus

Ayia Napa is another popular spot in Cyprus which is definitely the most beautiful beach in Europe. White sand beaches and Pristine waters, sparkling water in turquoise can amaze you with tourist facilities. This is a very known place for water sports. Missi beach is a brilliant beach with sunbathing places and clubs where this place can’t be a crowd in summers. It displays early autumn and spring season too without many people.

Cala Marcella – Spain

Cala Marcella is situated in the southern coast of Menorca where the tranquil Cala Marcella

Is the best place to visit both Ibiza and Mallorca. If you are mostly looking for adventurous activities then this beach is made for you. You can go on a trek, can go hike for two miles on the cliffs of Cala Galdana and drive on winding and rough roads for another 20 minutes. Their turquoise waters and white sand are the worth places to look.

Cape Drastis – Greece

Yet another paradise in Greece with perfect spots of beaches and family tours. Greece is known for taking people away from the crowds and making you closer to nature and the atmosphere of Greece. Where this Corfu Island is popular for best beaches and nature scenarios which is the best place for hikers.its stony path and the small cove is not an easy place to reach were roaming around this place is highly recommend

Kvalvika Beach – Norway

Thinking of beating your people at beach games, you can not find a better place than Kvalvika Beach which is above the Arctic circle on Lofoten islands which are just off on Norway’s northwestern coast where you can dive in different landscapes along with Kvalvika beach. This beach is full of stark views of surrounding vertical cliffs and clean waters.

Porto Santo – Madeira Portugal

This place is known for famous destinations which include Porto Santo which is situated near Madeira which is located in the Atlantic Ocean and 620 miles away from the mainland where this island is the best beach for a whole year in Europe. Remarkable scenery, sparkling beaches, fine sand, snorkelling sites were the reasons to visit this place and Madeira wine is another reason too. Apart from beaches Porto Santo and Madeira provide many hiking opportunities, live culture scene and exquisite tropical gardens.

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