The Best Time of Year to Visit Paris

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Thinking to visit Paris but just confused with the best time. As I know summer can be great but it can be too hot. If we look at winter, rainfall can disturb your city sightseeing. So every season has its own advantages and downfalls. Check more info to know what can be the best to see Paris.

What About The Weather In Paris?

Weather In January

This is the colder month along with daytime high temperatures mostly in single digits in Paris. Snow is rare but can except clouds and rain where sunset raises around 5 Pm.

Weather In February

This month mostly will be damp and chill with outbursts of rainfall too. But it can be great to visit the museum, cafes and galleries.

Weather In March

March can be warm and cozy in Paris along with occasional outbursts for sure. Sunset can be seen around 6-7 PM.

Weather In April

This month generates mixed temperatures in Paris where you can wake up on a rainy or But blooming of flowers can be a real treat to watch.

Weather In May

May is mostly mid and sunny in Paris with daytime high temperatures. But the evening can be chill too.

Weather In June

June is also another mixed month of both sunny and warm days but morning, evenings can be a bit of cool.

Weather In July

This month is normally Sunny and warm where this warm entertainment can make your travel more comfortable

Weather In August

This is sunny and hot weather month where the sun bakes the whole of Paris. Rain can be expected in small bursts.

Weather In September

This month is considered to be good where rain is seen only a few times and whether Paris is not too hot but warm. Sunset can be seen at 8 PM where days are very short.

Weather In October

From October you can expect cool weather in Paris white autumn arrives and transform Paris into wet days as days pass.

Weather In November

November can be seen in the wind, wet and cool with high averaging in low temperatures where you can be surprised with nice sunshine.

Weather In December

This wettest month in Paris which drizzle with downpours and even can expect cool weather as the temperature falls down.

Open And Closed

While knowing the best time of travelling to Paris you should definitely know whether your Planned destinations and places will welcome you by an open door or not. Because most of the popular attractions in Paris will be closed and only opened at a certain time. Let’s see them find your best time of Visting.

1. Closed In August

  • Paris flea market and many vintages and antique shops in the village st-paul will be closed down.
  • Tapestry Museum
  • Many restaurants will be closed so eye on them if they are opened or not
  • An exhibit like Grand Palais will be closed but opens at September
  • Most of the historic Venues and classic concerts will be cancelled.

2. Opened only In Summer

  • Water sports and beaches
  • Special Events, festivals and outdoor activities will be opened in August and July.

3. Opened In Winter

  • Christmas markets on ice skating at Eiffle tower, grand Palais, festivals on New Year’s Eve.
  • Menorah lit on Hanukkah and Christmas lights
  • Holiday window shopping

Here’s More Best Times To Know

Best Times For

  • Good Weather: April to October where August and July is hot
  • City sightseeing: April, September, June, October, November
  • Honeymoon: May – October
  • Nightlife: the whole year

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