How To Use Social Media For Good?


Social media doesn’t need any introduction, the name alone is enough. Anyone with a smartphone heard much of it. What is your opinion regarding social media? Let me guess, addictive or dope isn’t it. Everything has it’s bad and good. Similarly, the social media use and its capacity to spread negativity quickly and propaganda like divisiveness made it bad before people.  But these days people are taking a different spin against social media and finally curbing the social media power for good use.

Is social media bad?

Like we said above everything has good and bad.  Social media is very well documented. It is surely damaging,  addictive, toxic. Seeing other people’s love and chasing behind the number of likes & comments could easily destroy self-esteem and snatch many hours from the day. People behave like depression and anxiety is caused only because of social media. Is it? Maybe.  The thing here is that the media offered a platform for echo chambers, a division within family and friends too that might lead to depression.

But, social media could be a place to connect, mainly for elder people, people in rural areas, people who have problems with meeting with related interests. By using a correct approach, social media could be a productive and positive experience that fosters an understanding of the community. 

Then, how can one use social media for good? 

Social media could enlighten life, however, it takes quite a bit of work to prevent social media traps. Studies even found with active participation and positive interactions in collective action regarding sexism, mental awareness, or other social issues by social media, brought a united action to enhance people’s well‐being.

 The Me Too movement made headlines around Twitter and Instagram is the best example of this.  Me too movement hashtags started to circulate virally on social media proved how social change and social media can go well together. Even police took help from social media to solve many cases.

Wealthy ones and charities using social media for rating good funding for many issues from world hunger to saving wildlife. There are many benefits of social media for students to join seekers.  The use of social media turned parents to online tutoring and homeschooling while pandemic. Like the popular saying ” where there is a way there is a will ”, if you are to reap the benefits of social media then you can get it.  Here are some ways to make social media a good force in life.

1.To Connect With Donors

By using social media accounts, you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding donors or investors for your business. Come up with a solid social presence that accesses you to a huge community. Social media never asks you to knock on every door. You need to simply share what you like to show or say then the enthusiastic people can show up on their own. 

2. To get your story out

People used to maintain journals for letting their things out ( even now they are using it). But few ones found social media as an alternative to tell their stories. Hashtags like Monday blues, flashback Fridays, throwback Thursday, feelings is the few used by individuals to share how they are feeling. Right from people to welfare organizations likely to share the best stories. Not just your success stories, don’t let your failure stories go wasted. Inspire people and raise awareness around people.

3. To follow certain organizations

Finding like-minded people or similar communities is tough with traditional networking. Whatever social media channel you are being on,  you could find community/groups, can follow a  hashtag, or can make friends with certain firms or people. In case you love sports or own a business in sports, you can find or follow people who have similar interests in sports as you. 

4. Make Your Feed Good

Rather than blaming the whole social media, just blame or unfollow the channels that promote negativity, and turn the social feed better and brighter.

Many social networks utilize artificial intelligence and control the channels and posts you like to interact with. Use intelligent tools that curate feed and delete any posts you don’t like to see. Make a conscious effort to discover channels and people who just promote positivity and positive thought. So, you can only see the best things no matter if you are scrolling endlessly throughout the feed. There is no place where bad stuff doesn’t exist. It is about deciding to read something worth it.

Final words


No one is perfect, don’t lead your social media with utmost perfection. Don’t revolve your life around comments and likes. Social media is just another tool that’s too powerful and effective in our lives so it needs to be sure with much care. Be real, don’t hide behind someone that’s not you. That doesn’t mean that you should bring out all your dirty laundry. Share all your ups and downs, know the current events, and importantly, know what to put and when you should put the social media down. That’s all that I got, how are you using social media for good?


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