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An untroubled way for downloading Instagram videos online

What services does Fabnor support?

You can convert & download Videos and music in MP4 and MP3 from these social networks

No wonder why we love scrolling through Instagram endlessly, Instagram is a fun space that's stacked with fun video and images that makes our fingers slide through our screens without your permission.

As per statistics, users on Instagram upload more than 80M photos daily. We see several pictures and even follow Instagram accounts. So, if you get impressed with any video that you like to watch over and over without internet connectivity or logging in to your Instagram account. However, our bad Instagram never offers a straightforward way for saving this fun content. Don't worry, there is a way to make our fantasy downloading Instagram videos come true.

If you are thinking of downloading your favorite Instagram videos without losing quality or not by screen capturing or asking the video owner to send it to you - Fabnor offers you a safe and fast way to save the video on the device memory.

How to download Instagram videos?

Fabnor Instagram video downloader tool is an extraordinary way to get the video through Instagram on the device. Whatever device you own like a computer, tablet, PC, or mobile you can download the Instagram video within a few clicks in seconds. With an Instagram video downloader, one can download Instagram videos, Photos, IGTV videos.

Here is the step to step guide to follow while downloading Instagram videos

Step 1: Find your favorite video
Firstly visit the Instagram app and explore here and there to find the video that you like to download. If you are using chrome, visit the Instagram website and log in to your account to find the video.

Step 2: Copy the video link
Once you find your favorite video hit on the three dots that are just right top corner. You can find a box of various options from where you should pick the option of “Copy link” that copies the video URL over your device clipboard.

Step 3: Visit the Instagram video downloader tool
After you copied your favorite video URL go to the Fabnor Instagram Video Downloader website where you can find a text field. Paste the video URL right in that text field. Once after pasting the video URL in the text field hit the download button.

Step 4: Choose the video formats
Right after hitting download, a little menu appears on the screen with the video format, size to pick. At Fabnor, we suggest MP4 for video and supports from 144p - 1080p video quality to download.

Step 5: Download the video
After you finish selecting your favorite video preference click the “Download” icon beside the format options. In a few seconds, your video download process begins and the time to download is based upon the video quality you’ve chosen. You can find it in your gallery or the download folder.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

An Instagram video. downloader allows you to download Instagram videos, photos,  IGTV videos to watch videos offline.  Fabnor Instagram downloader is the finest tool to download videos from Instagram

Of course. Using Inflict tools to save content from social media is legal and safe. If you save the media which Instagram users uploaded on their account can be saved but only for your use. You can’t reuse the video to earn income. If you want to gain from it,  ask the author or can mention them when you publish the video

Yes, you can download videos from any users who have public accounts.  We honor the user’s privacy. So, downloading any private videos via fabnor isn’t available.

The video or pictures quality is based upon the original uploaded picture, but normally, the best picture resolution is 1080 x 1350 pixels, that’s the actual limit of Instagram. In the case of video, we suggest HD quality.

Sorry, it is not possible.  Fabnor Instagram video downloader can’t support downloading the videos in bulk. You can paste the links from various accounts that you like to download in the document, then utilize this doc for pasting links one by one to our Instagram Video Downloader tool. This can be simple and quick and you never miss anything.

Instagram’s long video content is referred to as IGTV. IGTV is quite a mobile-friendly video format that can be 60 minutes long. Yes, we do support downloading IGTV videos just. Copy the IGTV video link and paste it on the text field then click download.