7 Top Free Facebook Video Downloaders in 2021

Imagine you found a funny video on Facebook that immediately takes your attention while exploring your Facebook feed. What do you like to do? You can share it, tag your friend immediately. But moreover, you like it to be downloaded on your device or phone yet Facebook never accesses you for that option. So, where you need the best Facebook video downloader for it.

Whatever your reason can be, either it’s for video marketing activities or likes to post over another site with your people. Or just like to save it for watching it again and again without exploring Facebook.

We need a Facebook video downloader for it, but how do you know what’s best and why to choose it?

For this, we created a list of top free Facebook video downloaders for 2021.

Facebook video downloaders

1. Fabnor

Fabnor is a free Facebook downloader and user-friendly that helps people to download FB videos then lets them save for seeing it offline.

This tool works with Chrome, Android, IOS, and most of the operating system browsers. The best thing about this website is that you don’t need to download or register for anything.  It’s 100% free and you can download videos from not just Facebook. download video from more than 36 platforms that involve Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and more.  Through this app, you could convert or download FB videos in various formats and access your videos in HD and more formats from high-level to low quality.

How to download Facebook videos using Faber?


Step 1: Copy your specific video link through Facebook.

Step 2: Then Paste the link to the website input box.

Step 3: Press on the Download icon.

Step 4: Save your video to the device in high or normal resolution.

Why use Fabnor?

  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • Safe to utilize
  • You can download live videos through Facebook
  • Downloading your video quickly and easily.
  • You can even download private Facebook videos.
  • You can convert Facebook videos to MP3 or MP4 file format.

2. Getfvid


Getfvid.com is the finest online tool for downloading Facebook videos then converting them for MP3 or MP4 freely. This downloader works finely for computers, tablets, and mobile phones. If the video file is perfectly downloaded, then you could save it on the hard drive or camera roll or for seeing it offline.


A user-friendly and bright interface, easy to use interface. The video download process starts within a few minutes and by clicking the button, you get your video ready easily.

Why use Getfvid?

  • It benefits both HD and SD quality downloads
  • Quick downloadable process
  • You can convert videos to MP3 files
  • Attractive interface
  • Never store your download history

3. 4K Video Downloader


4K Video Downloader is made by 4K Download, a company working for free video grabbing tools.

A bright interface with the finest compatibility with Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac. Along with downloading the videos through Facebook, it is known to work as a YouTube downloader, where it could even grab the video files through Vimeo.

Rather than standard clips, the 4K Video Downloader is known to download 360 and 3D videos.

Why use 4K Video Downloader?


  • Can download 360° and 3D videos.
  • Download videos in high-quality.
  • Compatible with every device.

4. fbdownloader


fbdownloader is yet another best user-friendly as well as a promising Facebook video downloader in the online market. This tool is free, where the video downloader assists users in downloading the popular videos through Facebook within few seconds then save them for seeing later offline.

Either it’s IOS, Linux,  Android, and Windows, Fbfownloader knows to work flawlessly on every operating system.

This tool allows you to save your video in the best and high-quality MP4 format. This site even accesses you for converting FB videos to MP3 audio files as you desire.

Why use fbdownloader?


  • Compatible with every device
  • No restrictions about downloads
  • Save in MP3 and MP4 file formats
  • Power to download the live Facebook videos
  • You can download private Facebook videos too.

5. Getfbstuff

A free Facebook video downloaded which access you for downloading your desired Facebook video thethe est quality and could convert your video to MP3 formats too. This tool user interface is clear and clean and even simple with quick downloading speed. No software is needed to use this tool.

Why use Getfbstuff?

  • Very compatible with every browsers and device
  • No video downloading cursory is saved in the tool.
  • You can convert videos to HD quality and standard quality.
  • Doesn’t host pirated content.

6. Video Downloader for FB


This is yet another fastest and simple tool for downloading your desired video through Facebook. The tool grants users to download videos through Facebook and then see them offline on the go.

This tool job is very easy which comes with an integrated browser to explore Facebook. Whether you don’t like to explore Facebook through browsers because of privacy issues, you could almost paste the video link you like to download. One of the main shortcomings of this tool is that you should log in to your  Facebook account for downloading your video. Although the developers made sure that they would never utilize the password at any time. Without using any 3rd party video peers, you can watch your downloaded video from the website itself.

Why use Video Downloader for FB?


  • In-built Video Player
  • Download in numerous formats
  • “Instant Share” alternative for sharing the video on different social media platforms simply

7. VidMate – HD Video Downloader


VidMate is the best and free video downloader application that allows you to download your favorite videos freely as you need. Very similar to Fabnor, this site lets you download your video online through  Facebook and also from many sites that involve Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo,  SoundCloud, and much more.

Rather than this, download movies or tv shows and then watch them offline for absolutely free.

Why use VidMate?

  • Easy interface
  • Tons of formats to download videos from



So, here are the best Facebook video downloaders that are ruling the market. Facebook video downloaders could enable you in downloading FB videos in many formats and qualities.

As for our suggestions, if you are looking for something easy to use, quick, and very simple, or good advanced Facebook downloading tools for downloading your favorite Facebook video, then look no further than Fabnor. Fabnor comes with every tool you need to download fb videos at 100% free and no registration or software downloads.

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