Best Cities To Celebrate Christmas In Europe


Sunlight, snow, skiing, Christmas markets, concerts and most of all Christmas trees, gothic churches, choirs well there is plenty of reasons why you should visit Europe. Some cities celebrate in style and others in customs. To find the best cities in Europe especially on Christmas follow at this article

Vienna, Austria

Austria is known as a great destination for winter where Vienna has elegance and grace to celebrate your Christmas holidays. Elegant markets, sparkling streets and the hot cafe culture that old charm in the streets just give the magical charm to the city. Their imperial architecture based on twinkling lights which makes a sweet backdrop for winter sausages, baked pastries can make your day. Visit snow globe museums and go ice skating and make sure to book Christmas concerts which take place in Vienna sumptuous churches at this time of year.

Tallinn – Estonia

Tallinn is an old town that seems similar to the children’s storybook. This is the gorgeous place to live the whole year where winter seasons give a unique vibe to the city. Little wooden hut with artisan goods, town hall square, pastel facades and old street lamps which creates a mesmerizing atmosphere at Christmas. Christmas tree gets a backdrop of snow powered on the top of the roof.

Tallinn is an authentic and enhancing cluster of lantern stalls that sells handcrafted wooden ornaments and silly hats with Estonia foods and drinks. If you are a sweet lover don’t miss the Kalev Marzipan music room and with ice skating, quirky Yuletide themed events can make your Christmas more fun.

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is definitely the fairytale city for Christmas with glam. Their breathtaking architecture offers a dramatic experience of drinking wine and exploring Christmas shopping in the city. Winter in Prague is chilly and their buildings are coated with fresh snow. It seems like stepping into real Christmas morning. Their markets are popular where their cultures, traditions and tasty cuisines bless us with happiness. Old town square, Namesti Miru and Wenceslas square appeal visitors.

Copenhagen – Denmark

Christmas will glow with lights in Copenhagen where bright, shiny and festive spirit brings a Christmas mood. Christmas markets, decorations and Copenhagen atmosphere along with Tivoli Gardens wrap up the best Christmas magic across the world. Second of the oldest amusement park turns into a winter wonderland with fun rides, Christmas lights, tasty stalls that sell a traditional and variety of gifts.

Nuremberg – Germany

Nuremberg is known for the winter season where this city changes into a winter fairytale. This is home to old and gorgeous Christmas markets where the picturesque medieval town displays spectacular views with traditions, Christmas goods and exciting activities. Christkindlesmarket is a long toy-making tradition that has a perfect city toy museum.

Valkenburg, Netherlands

This is located in the Germany border and even hosts a Christmas celebration in a cave. It has the largest subterranean and oldest Christmas market in Europe. It even serves the best residence for Santa Claus where people view reindeer and rooms which are filled with presents. It had every kind of gift from Marlstone and traditional handicrafts and sculptures and mural drawing from Roman times.

Grindelwald – Switzerland

This city allows stepping into the best dramatic works of the Swiss Alps. Grindelwald is a gorgeous village which is a popular place for movie shoots and even dictionaries like “The Golden Compass ” and ” The Alps “. These villages definitely take a top stand in the Christmas holidays where their decorations line the streets and are filled with shiny lights on the whole corners of the villages. It even offers Christmas market stands and hand crafts, food and wine to toast your Christmas.

Colmar – France

This is the most preserved villages from the 13th century which is known as Little Venice. Those strolling winds and waterways within medieval streets can offer the best weather around seasons. Those Christmas marketers can shine your way within Labyrinth of streets lined with half-timbered houses. These markets are like mini-markets where you can find passionate craftsmen which are chosen for different products guided tours, toy exhibition, wine tasting, concerts amaze you more.

Alsace – France

This is the city of Christmas where german and French influences develop an area to provide architecture, the food, the wind which is truly appealing at Christmas. Their Christmas markets are always filled and whole towns dress beautifully. Those stands sell handmade ornaments to kitchen appliances and from wine to pretzels. We recommend you to hop in a car to view scenic of nature.


What’s your city to celebrate Christmas in Europe?

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