5 Ways To Find Best Content For Social Media

The problem with social media is that it’s a content beast and you need to post it DAILY. Social never stops or sleeps. If you have social media for promoting certain services. You should always look for more stuff to feed it. Today,  we try to take out a little burden from you, by sharing the best ways to find content for social media. Let’s start. 


1.The big 3’s of social media 

Whatever content you need, everyone needs help from the big 3 social networking platforms. Here you can see the examples based upon a ” wedding planner” to show you how to find content on certain topics in every channel. 


Facebook is the top social media channel, which has a good amount of content and helps in guiding the efforts. For this, you should look at the best-performing Facebook Pages that are similar to your certain business niche. On each Page, note what type of content is offering more comments, shares, and likes. 

And look at the top-performing content such as videos, images, etc. Then bookmark the Pages through Facebook’s “Save” feature. Look back at them and stay up with the latest trends. Utilize Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature, in the Facebook Insights. So, when you pick the  Pages to include to the watch list, or when you click it’ll show a listing of the certain Page’s leading posts from the week before.

b. Twitter 

Most people might not think of Twitter as a search engine. But a glance at the results for a certain hashtag or keyword brings you anything from news to the related memes which are related to the niche. You could even create a list of your desired content and can perform a survey of them daily.  The best place to explore if you are in a rush and looking for the content to share. 

Twitter is an incredible tool to look for content ideas and any talking facts from your business. Retweeting and following others in a certain niche is the best way to interact with people and for sharing content in real-time.  In terms of planning a content calendar, Twitter could be really helpful.

c. Instagram

As Tumblr and Instagram are two very unique sites, they provide most of the similar things for content. As Instagram and Tumblr are mostly about just videos and images, hashtags you can easily find the topic you need. 

d. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for a hotbed for recipes or Diy crafts based upon the niche, these make the best content too. Simply utilize the search bar and explore the visual content. Then follow your favorites and keep the feed updated with the best stuff. 

2. Follow  industry trends and news and trends


Every business tends to focus on the news outlet. For instance, to follow the trendy advertising trends or online marketing,  AdWeek or The drum are  known to be the best sources. These websites help to follow the latest trends and news and conversation in the industry.

If you are seeking to curate the best content, it could be the best idea to find the best blogs in your certain niche. So, regularly scan them to find content that your people love.

3.  Content aggregators and communities

Community sites or Content aggregators sites are the best way to discover content in each niche. Here are some best sites to look at:

  • Reddit

Reddit is the best place to find several fantastic stuff to re-share with your people. What’s better is that each niche you could imagine can surely have its subreddit. For finding the best subreddit for your Industry, go to Reddit search.

  • Quora

Quora is not a content aggregator, yet it is a place to head over for inspiration. You can keep an eye on questions in the niche within Quora. That is a brilliant way to discover ideas for your social media content and any blog posts. For Instance, if you are a wedding planner, simply searching the topic of wedding planning can bring up tons of ideas to work on for content. 

  • Queanswer

Queanswer is another huge community to craft a wealth of content.  All you need to do is start on an answer by signing up and look for topics similar to the niche which you could follow. Similar to quora you can search for a topic and can find questions about it to write.

4. Do follow relevant hashtags over Twitter and Instagram 

Hashtags are an excellent way for tracking topics, mainly on Instagram or Twitter. By trending tags, you can see the most popular topics and discussions. So, you can find how users over every platform love the content in every related niche. You can see how visual language is strong on Instagram. Being a text-heavy channel, Twitter can be more to find what people are into mostly regarding a topic or hashtag at the moment.

5. Find inspiration from videos

If you are looking at creating some nice video marketing content, or want more good ideas to flow right into your game. Sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, and even social media channels are flooded with videos. These are the best sites and are worth checking out.  Because videos are normally a way to grasp some good details that you could mine. So, now you utilize them in your content to evolve into something better.  With online music and video downloaders, you can easily download them as per your certain storage limit. And you can visit them whenever you need inspiration being offline too.  


So, how are you nourishing your social media channels? 


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