10 Reasons to Visit Budapest

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Budapest is an ideal option to travel which has a long culture and history, fun-filled festivals for everyone. Not to mention those landmarks, bars and restaurants. Here are the ten reasons to justify your visit to Budapest.

Budapest History

Budapest was known in 1000 AD as the largest country around Europe for many years. So visitors in Budapest get attracted to their castle which is top of the hill. People can admire Mtthoas church and fisherman Bastion from top of the hill. If you like to know histories of countries then don’t miss Budapest excavations of Roman ruins under Buda castle. Vajdahunyad castle can light up at any time which is surrounded by a small lake.


Nightlife in Budapest is well known and amazing where the SPA is popular which take place in Szechenyi Baths on Saturdays. People who like thermal bath and electronic music along with light show visit Szechenyi spa which is filled with fun in the whole evening.

Tasty Food

This can be a paradise for food lovers where Budapest gives a great opportunity to taste delicious food. Hungarian foods reflect rich, strong with different types of flavours and taste national receipts and traditional Goulash soup and no one forget their pastry. Their wine is another popular one to.drink while enjoying the sightseeing Of Budapest.


Budapest have a huge array of shows, festivals, concerts, events, dinners, cruises around the year. Where locals and tourists like music and gastronomy festivals where Sziget is a popular festival for youth. Apart from Christmas Eve, their beer, wine and food festivals are popular.


The best thing to remember your tour is purchasing Souvenirs from the countries you visit. So Budapest itself known how to sell their beautiful and flamboyant traditional products which are homemade. Colourful flower on the plain background is known Souvenir from Hungary. Even tourists leave Budapest with a bag of paprika, fashion accessories and artisan jewellery.


You don’t need to roam around Budapest to view beautiful nature because Budapest is fully filled castles, greenery and islands. Normacafe is such a great arena to walk or hike around the city. Visiting Margaret island will be memorable in the tour of Budapest and don’t forget to visit medieval ruins.


Hungary is known as the part of Austro – Hungarian empire which is the most popular building around the city which beautifully decorated and built-in the 20th century. Their architecture has a touch of eclectic communist which display a unique mix and different character to be a city.


Hungary is definitely cheap than other European countries where they are not using euros which lowers the prices than other EU members which has adopted euros. €1-2 is enough for ice cream and €5 for lunch.

Best Weather

Budapest always managed to give the best weather because of their mountains where other parts of Europe is not at all pleasant. Its temperature is mostly precipitation milder and warmer so visitors can visit anytime than restricted duration.

Largest Synagogue Around Europe

Dohany Street Synagogue is the second-largest market in the world and the largest one in Europe. The quarter is known for the lively neighbourhood of Budapest which is full of boutiques, bars along with historical sites like a memorial garden, museums and cemetery. When you are going to book your package to Budapest.


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